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Vision and wisdom from years of experience.

Over the last 10 years Shelia English, Julia Olsen, Paul Carroll and Stephen Kearney have worked successfully
to develop a sustainable Public Impact Private ECOSYSTEM to attract impact investment from 
Infrastructure Investment Platforms and Family Offices.


Private Client. Real Estate and Family Office

Miami, Florida and New York

Sheila English  played a key role in developing the investor package and outreach to raise upward of $1billion to complete the development of a multi city/neighbourhood venture covering 20 million sq ft. Rigourous data analysis, assessment of the innovative ecosystem functionality and strategic stakeholder interviews with alumni, universities, venture capital firms and strategic support services were critical to the success of the project. Sheila led the development of the investors $1billion family office and coordinated family capital concerns of similar substance globally.
These creative ventures were funded by an experienced multi industry conglomerate with a record in real estate and seed capital investment that creates important neighbourhood financial anchor institutions. Sheila's work built value for investors and communities alike. Their ability to identify undervalued and under utilised  land gave Sheila the opportunity to develop transformational work in these three cities.

Boston Massachusetts

An Innovative Solution

Paul Carroll directed this project and the end result was truly spectacular. By ensuring consistent and transparent communication in the community and project stakeholders and multiple clients were able to progress by leaps and bounds. Stephen Kearney and Julia Olsen advised on strategic engagement.
As China Trade Representative for Massport (owner and operator of both the Port of Boston and Logan International Airport), Paul devised and executed the strategy to recruit China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) to provide direct service to the Port of Boston.  That initiative kept the US oldest public port from being privatized and greatly reduced in size and operations.  It maintained direct global cargo shipping links for the six states in New England; generated considerable additional revenues for Massport; saved and increased union longshoremen employment; increased significant export and import activity for New England businesses; and, was the major catalyst for the re-emergence of links (trade, finance and education) between Boston and the People's Republic of China.


Private Client Real Estate and Family Office Mumbai

Private Equity Investment

Experts estimate that 25 million units of low-income housing are needed in India which will require more than $270 billion of investment. This increasing demand, paired with a shrinking supply of urban land and high construction costs, is leading to an increasing slum population. People are migrating from rural to urban areas in search of employment and marriage. Experts estimate that by 2025 more than 42% of India’s population will be urban.
For ultra-high net worth private investor contemplating investment into a new Mumbai based $200 million affordable housing private equity fund, Sheila evaluated and provided guidance regarding geographic mix (tier I, II, and III cities), product mix (mass housing and integrated developments), cost, investment structure and return, construction, logistics, and delivery methods.


The Newport Resilience Engine - Innovate Newport

Paul Carroll and his team in Newport Rhode Island directed the creation of a model for resilience fostering value from innovation, community engagement and impact investment. The initiative specifically aimed to become an economic, social and environmental regeneration initiative that became known as the ecosystem. 
Over the last 10 years Stephen Kearney and Julia Olsen have advised on the strategic ecosystem development and Shelia English has supported and informed the investment network strategy.
This catalyst project involved development of 30,000 square feet as a technology centre and flex space.  The Innovation District Redevelopment Site for oceanography, the Pell Bridge realignment, naval hospital site redevelopment and the Newport Waterfront Performing Arts Centre, microgrid, fast pyrolysis energy, hot water and steam facility, Newport creative space and urban agriculture projects all followed.

Community Engagement and Animation

Stephen Kearney and Julia Olsen have been designing and implementing strategic sustainable solutions in regeneration together for 35 years. From the work in Boston and Newport Rhode Island with Paul Carroll to the founding of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament and the design and development of the Community Organisers Initiative in Europe, these partners bring an incredible wealth of experience to you and your community.

The co-development of a £126m social entrepreneurs endowment fund and operation of a Social Action Charity to promote Community Entrepreneurism has resulted in the establishment of thousands of community initiatives in the UK and Africa.

National and community renewal and organising legacy bodies have have developed and taken on some elements of the Listening Matters.

Using the Listening Matters process the Full Employment Zones in Glasgow was a successful project designed to address endemic and long term unemployment and low educational attainment. This project was a building block in the regeneration and revitalisation of the city.

In the 12 neighbours of Glasgow 5 came out of the 15 most deprived categories.

The combined economic input of the 12 FEA projects is estimated at £44m in additional post tax income coming into these deprived areas and the benefit saving of £56 million.

Sheila, one of our most experienced Investment and network professionals recognises the fact that any regeneration without deep listening and people's involvement often fails to realise a projects full potential.

Happy Children

United Kingdom

Stephen Kearney and Julia Olsen developed the first Community Organising and Animating Process in the United Kingdom. It was a uniquely indigenous organising strategy that would help people to organise and transform lives by developing social, economic, environmental and cultural businesses and projects. Starting in 1988, they were thought leaders. They worked with Lord Michael Young of Dartington to set up the first rural School for Social Entrepreneurs.

They organised deep listening in communities and supported the development of a vast range of local and national community initiatives and funds.

The United Kingdom Youth Parliament was a response to disempowered young people who desperately needed a powerful voice to articulate their concerns and aspirations. 

In partnership with the Scarman Trust they developed the Social Entrepreneur Endowment Fund worth £126m which was endowed to support leaders who wanted to tackle some of the  most intractable problems faced in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK.


Krasnoyarsk Siberia Russia

Climate Change based Urban Development

In Krasnoyarsk, Siberia Russia, Sheila led a master planning, design and development team. They explored, planned, and implemented new design, construction, and delivery methods for single-family, multi- family housing. Off-site manufactured housing, and new assemblage scheme for one of the coldest climates with remote transport on the planet. was a further project challenge. Sheila analyzed, designed and received approval from the United Nations Joint Initiative for Climate Change for a carbon offset due to a significant change in design and construction materials, auxiliary heating fuel, and construction methods. Working with Cantor Fitzgerald/Cantor CO2e, Sheila sought and received approval for a unique addition to the carbon offset and credit market in 2009. The credit’s value provided the capital offset to justify the cost of a new manufacturing plant in remote section of Russia.

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